2 X Levium 30-Count Value Packs (10% OFF)

$135.00 $150.00


Natural Ingredients | Safe With Common Prescriptions | Non-Addictive | No Artificial Sweeteners | Caffeine-Free | Lactose-Free |  Gluten-Free | Vegan | With Money Back Guarantee

Fast-Acting Natural Stress Relief Drink Builds "Resilience" Over Time.

Discover the long-term Stress Relief Benefits of our proprietary Resilience Blend with the Levium 30-Count Value Pack. This revolutionary Natural Drink was designed to work on a neurotransmitter level to build "resilience" to stress, without the side effects of prescription medication. We're excited to become a part of your health & wellness routine!

Levium's natural active ingredients work by inhibiting enzymes that usually break down NPY—The Resilience Neurotransmitter.

Enjoy: Stress Relief In Minutes, Increased Resilience To Stress Over Time, Improved Cognitive Function, Better Moods, Sustainable Energy, and Better Sleep.


If you're not satisfied with Levium, reach out to us for a refund. To protect against fraud, the LIVE LIGHTER Guarantee is valid only for first-time buyers of single entry-level products within 30 days of purchase. Value Packs, Subscriptions, Discount Bundles and Shipping Costs are non-refundable.

Get 2 Levium 30-Count Value Packs For 10% OFF — Save $15 (Just $2.25 Per Daily Serving)

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