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A Team of Doctors & Neuroscientists who believe in natural solutions, Glauser Life Sciences, Inc. is developing what we believe to be next-generation, revolutionary treatments for nervous system issues of various types including chronic stress.

Working with a talented team of expert scientists, doctors, and business leaders, we're pioneering research and development which we hope will redefine the paradigm of treatment, and lead to natural products that help those in need.

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All of Levium's Doctors and Neuroscientists had something in common...their medical and neuroscience research focused on anxiety and its relation to NPY, The Resilience Neurotransmitter.

The more NPY one has, the more "resilient" one is to both stress and anxiety.

NPY counterbalances the stress-chemical, Cortisol and mediates fear responses in a primitive part of the human brain structure called the Limbic System.

Levium works by inhibiting the DPP4 enzymes that usually degrade NPY.

The benefits of Levium build over time as Cortisol levels balance out and the brain’s reserves of NPY—The Resilience Neurotransmitter—increase.

But for those who need quick relief...

Levium’s fast-acting individual ingredients have been clinically demonstrated to offer decreased stress and anxiety "on the spot and on the go".

We are proud to say that Levium is the only safe alternative to prescription medicine specifically focused on enhancing the brain’s own reserves of NPY.


  • Dr. Nicholas Gilpin, Ph.D. - LSU: This Psychobiology Professor research uses pre-clinical models to study circuit, cellular, and molecular processes associated with anxiety, addiction, and related disorders.
  • Dr. Todd Thiele, Ph.D. - UNCWith over 85 peer-reviewed papers in renowned scientific journals, Dr. Thiele is a tenured Professor and the Director of the UNC, Chapel Hills's Behavioral Neuroscience Program.
  • Dr. David Kipper, M.D. - UCLA: Dr. Kipper co-founded the Medical Group of Beverly Hills. He is the author of the book, The Addiction Solution and host of his own weekly interactive Radio Program on K-ABC.

"We hope Levium Can Be A Solution For You!"

- The Levium Team